Cementing the base scaling the height

Talent is universal but opportunities are not. Therefore, we at Fidel Academy have laid the foundation as perfectly as it can be so that you can access unlimited knowledge and skills with just your computer and access to the internet. Online Learning. NO APPS NEEDED! 

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Fidel academy

Success Formula መምርሒታት ናይ ዓወት

ዕላማ ናይ ሂወት እንታይ’ዩ?
ንጹርን ዓብይን ራኢ ብኸመይ የቐምጥ?
ኣገደስቲ መምርሒታት ዓወት ዘጠቓልል ናይ ኣተሓሳስባ ለውጢ ብምምጻእ ዕውታት ትኾኑሉ ተግባራዊ ስልጠና.

Level 2 English course- Fidel Academy

English Level – 2

For those who can make simple sentences and can understand the main points of a conversation but have problems with more complex grammar and vocabulary.

Fidel Academy Level 1

Live Online English Course

A detailed and thorough English grammar course for all learners. Improve your language skills and understanding with us.


Tigrigna (ትግርኛ)

Be able to learn Tigrigna in a short period of time.

English for Children

Level 1 English language (Children)

English as a second language for children.

English for Children

Level 2 English language (Children)

English as a second language for children.

English Grammar Course

Comprehensive English Grammar

Online Comprehensive English Grammar course in Tigrigna.

Windows 10

ትምህርቲ ኮምፒተር (Windows 10)

ትምህርቲ ኮምፒተር windows 10 ብ ትግርኛ!

No one should be left behind in this digital era.

Fidel academy

Personal Development

Personal development, personal transformation ናይ ብሕቲ ዕቤት ናይ ብሕቲ ለውጢ ኮርስ

English for Children

Level 3 English language (Children)

English as a second language for children.


ኤዲቲን (ኣዶቢ ፎቶሾፕ & ፕሪሜር ፕሮ)


Adobe Premiere Pro (ፕሪሜር ፕሮ)

Effective Teaching

Our instructors possesses a thorough and expert knowledge of their subjects.

They also use their creativity and innovation to set imaginative tasks in order to inspire the learners as well as advancing their knowledge.

Flexible Learning

Here at Fidel Academy, you have the freedom to how, what, when and where you want to learn.

Lifetime Access

Once you purchase a course, you’ll have access for life. You have the freedom to learn at your own pace. Fidel Academy  is your academy – learn what you want, when you want.

Cementing The Base

LEARNING is the first step towards building a phenomenal life. We can not escape or avoid learning to achieve this goal. When a long lasting good foundation is built, then you can have a much better building and that ‘BUILDING’ is YOU.

Scaling The Height

BUILD STEP BY STEP! This is the most important stage between you and and the success you wish to achieve. We have provided you the key to your dream in the most simplified but effective way to gain the skills and knowledge you need.


Succinctly stated, this is the point where you see the best version of yourself. Abraham Maslow calls this stage Self Actualisation; where your God-given potential is not only dreamt of but actualised. Congratulations!

Study at Your Own Pace

Boost Your Career by Learning Skills in High Demand at Fidel Academy

Why Choose Fidel Academy?

Whether you do not have foundation or you have the knowledge but you want to take it to next level. We have dedicated instructors for the published courses and upcomming educational requirements. 

Unlimited Support

Get help from our fantastic support team when you need it via a phone and email.

User Experience

We provide quality courses by professional instructors at a fair price resulting in deep learning

Flixible Learning

Design your own learning experience, not only at your own pace but at your own interests and learning preferences.

From The Community

3590+ People are already benefiting from our courses.

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